Uncharted Potential

2 week Countdown - Day 1
In the news today

EPIC announced the opening of their new Dublin HQ, despite rumours of significant contractor over run. Chief Administrator Daniel Zamora said that although work is ongoing in the East wing, the main hall and west wing are complete, and EPIC wouldn't be opening unless they were sure the building was both safe and secure.

Three prisoners escaped from Shelton Abbey jail in county Wicklow last night. Authorities say that the prisoners should be considered dangerous and urged citizens in the area to remain indoors if possible until the issue was resolved and the prisoners recaptured.

Israel's Prime minister is due to visit Dublin in two weeks time week. Rumour has it that after a special concert in the Phoenix Park by Ireland's all-girl chart topping Super team, the Power Girls, he'll be dining with the Taoiseach at the Steward's Lodge.

Meanwhile in other related news Power girl Eileen McGuinness announced her engagement to hurling legend Kieran O'Ryan by showing off her new Pink Star Diamond ring in VIP Magazine.


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