Uncharted Potential

The year is 2020, two decades after the Pandora Event.

In a world struggling to come to terms with the new wave of parahumans, the European Union survived upheaval, revolution and secession and have emerged stronger and more determined to stand against the forces of oppression. EPIC – European Paranormal Intervention Commission – was formed from the bravest and brightest parahumans from each member state. It's mission – to stand together stronger against the forces of darkness!

I'm offering an online Superhero game using Mutants & Masterminds 3e – weekday evenings (UK/EU time). 

We haven't decided how long it will run for. Perhaps continue for as long as people are having fun? At the moment I'm setting no upper limit, however I've set an arbitrary length of 7 sessions for the 1st season, and intend to tie up as many plot lines as possible for this point a) because I'll be on leave for a couple of weeks so don't want to leave things hanging whist I'm away, and b) to make it a suitable place for another GM to pick up the reigns for a bit if they want to.

I'll be using Roll20 as a VTT. We will also use Discord for audio. We will try Roll20s  built in Audio/Video chat, but my previous experiences (admittedly a long time back) weren't great. In addition Roll20 plus Discord allows play on iPads/Android tablets, which the built in Voice doesn’t.

We'll be making full use of guest GMs, allowing others to run a few sessions.

Uncharted Potential

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